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Finger Printing and Background Checks

Reasons for having to get finger printed/background checks,
requirements for a new job, renewing HAZMAT, requirements for attaining a pistol permit, healthcare, daycare, and more.
How the process works- The business consists of a trusted agent who works for MORPHO TRUST, which is a governmental contractor agency that provides electronic fingerprinting for NYS and the FBI. Prints are taken by enrollment officers employed by EEA Security Services. The process is very quick and a lot cleaner than the ink fingerprints.
Once you are fingerprinted, the information and prints are sent directly to NYSDCJS to complete the background check. It is a closed database where all information is kept confidential and safe.
There are about 50-60 people who come in for fingerprints a week. EEA SECURITY SERVICES LLC has the exclusive contract in Sullivan County to provide fingerprint based criminal background checks.
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